Confirmation Retreat – A Transforming Experience At Mt. Tabor

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Confirmation Retreat – A Transforming Experience At Mt. Tabor


This weekend our high school seniors attended their Confirmation Retreat at the Mount Tabor Center in Menasha. Led by the SPIRITUS Retreat Team, a dynamic group of faithful young men and women, our teens had the opportunity to grow deeper in their faith. The team led our students in sessions about: how to continue growing in knowledge and faith, the Passion of Christ, the meaning of the Mass, recognizing our blessings and the value of forgiveness.

In their anonymous evaluations, our teens wrote that the retreat was “exciting,” “eye-opening,” “energetic,” “life-changing” and “spiritual.” Teens stated that they learned how to forgive those who have hurt them, how to avoid temptation and that “God has something in store for me that is more amazing than I could imagine.” Teens wrote that they felt God was calling them to be active in the Church, continue learning about the faith, be a better person, follow the teachings of Christ and use their talents for God’s glory. One student wrote that God is calling them to “love Him and myself first before giving my heart to someone else.” Another stated, “I think he is challenging me to go to church and confession more often.”

Please pray for our students as they continue to prepare for their Confirmation on October 19th with Bishop Donald Hying.