Confirmation Retreat Burns with the Holy Spirit!

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Thank you to the SPIRITUS team and to the amazing Confirmation students who made our retreat awesome! Thank you also to our chaperones who made the retreat possible! Enjoy the video below!


What one word would you use to describe this retreat?

Emotional, Cleansing, Exciting, Refreshing, Fun, Awesome, Cool, Relaxing, Learning, Interesting, Amazing, Enthusiastic

What is one thing you learned on this retreat?

-That God REALLY loves me

-How to forgive

-Faith can be more powerful than I thought

What would you tell others about this retreat?

-That it’s worth the experience to deepen your faith with God and yourself

-That it’s really fun and changed my view and thought about church for the better

-It’s pretty cool and eye-opening

-Go to it!

What do you feel God is challenging you to do in your life?

-To spread the word of God no matter the hardships

-Include him everyday

-Ask for forgiveness

-Take a more active role in my community

-To truly figure out who I am and what I want/need

-I feel that at this moment he is challenging me to forgive people